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Build automated, large scale energy management systems of multiple assets to optimize energy consumption and production in Eilat.




Cities such as Eilat have around 50 to 60 % of the local authority electricity consumption is in the city's assets such as schools, offices, kinder-gardens, and other buildings. According to the data and the city experience, about 25 to 30 % of this consumption can be reduced simply through better energy management. However, there are many challenges facing authorities for optimal energy management in public buildings:

  1. Too much to do & No time – the building manager, school principal and the City's energy manager are usually engaged in other tasks, and energy management is not in the main priority.
  2. Ghost Use - Energy cannot be seen and therefore it is harder to manage. Usually there is energy use that cannot be accounted for during off use hours.
  3. Expertise – Dealing with electricity needs a specific expertise that most building managers in the city do not hold. Specialized persons and tools need to be mobilized to have this activity in the city.

As for the production side, Eilat, as other cities, is facing an increase in energy demand in forms of electricity, fossil fuels, cooling energy, and thermal energy. In order to face this increase while lowering energy prices, cities need to find alternative energy resources such as renewables, and in the case of Eilat, solar energy. The cost of renewable energy sources is getting lower than fossil fuels, and becoming an alternative for cities. Since the production of energy from renewable sources is based on natural resources there is a need for smart energy management that can decide when and how to use renewable energy sources in adjacent to traditional fossil production. This system would also help in the management of Micro-Grids based on real time inputs.



A Smart Energy Management System capable of forecasting energy consumption, and optimize production using a hybrid model, and reduce the energy bill.



In today’s age, it is obvious that energy efficiency needs to be maintained, otherwise it is being lost. In order to overcome these difficulties Eilat is looking for an automated, self-learning, real-time energy management system that city assets managers, school directors, and city managers can use to better managed the energy. This tool will be developed on Predix, can cover many buildings and assets at the same time, reduce their energy consumption while enhancing their production from solar PV panels.



In order to connect with different assets and gather different data such as energy consumption and energy bills, a secure and robust platform is needed. The objective of the challenge is based on data analysis of these data. Predix provides data management and data science tools for predictive analysis of industrial assets and processes. Using Predix platform offers performance and outcomes are delivered in a safe environment. More information on https://www.predix.io

Success indicators

The solution will be assessed based on 3 criteria:

  1. Connectivity and data collection
  2. Data analytics: performace and quality of analytics, accuracy of alarm generated and interpretation of events  
  3. A reduced energy bill
  4. User experience: UI/UX simplicity and usability

The simulations should be based on historical data and real time data in order to have alerts and data analysis as accurate as possible. When the system will be autonomous, ideally no false alarms should be sent.


Data sources: Energy bills, real time meters, climate, working hours, energy audit, assets description and size, energy demand, energy production.

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business scenario

The successful app will be integrated into the city's assets and will be used to reduce costs and get higher energy efficiency.

Representatives from the City of Eilat will examine the solution proposed, and based on the robustness and accuracy of the solution, they will decide on wether to continue assimilating the solution in the city, as well as presenting it to other cities and potential customers. In addition, a business partnership will be examined to develop further projects.


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