Digital Industry is a call for collaboration with GE to build and deploy advanced data solutions using GE’s cloud-based platform Predix. It leads to EUR 15.000 grant per startup, GE support and training, solution development and business opportunity.


The program is for startups based in Europe, Israel or Turkey with a proven track record in data science and advanced analytics. It is for companies who are willing to contribute to the development of applications that use operational industrial data for better and faster decision-making.


GE provides financial and mentoring resources to the startups qualified to the Acceleration Program from January to March. Mentoring is based on GE knowledge, Industrial expertise, UX Design and Engineering. They will also have access to the GE Industrial Internet ecosystem including startups and VCs.

Program presentation

2017-2018 SEASON 

The call for applications for Digital Industry Season 2 is now closed. GE will provide financial support, mentoring resources and a cloud platform: Predix to 7 selected startups. With this support, selected Start-Ups will build and deploy apps, get the opportunity to access GE's network and unlock business opportunities with the challenge providers.

Mentoring from GE

Predix training offered

Real business opportunities

Up to 7 Start Ups accelerated by GE Digital

€15,000 grant per team

7 challenges provided by GE Power, Daher, Eilat, Aygaz and HP



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Sept 15 — Oct 23

Startups apply to one or two challenges of the program through an online application form. Upon submission, the GE Digital teams review applications. They will also answer all questions to help candidates draft the best final application. GE Digital teams will pre-select up to eight startups per challenge to move to the next phase.



Oct. 23 - Dec. 11

Two work sessions and a final Jury will be facilitated by NUMA teams (and by GE Digital for Eilat challenges). The startups will be presented to the persons responsible for the challenges (challenge owners) to conduct discussions. These discussions will validate the potential of the proposed solution, the resources required in the process and a common project.

  • Oct. 30 - Nov. 3 / Work session 1: startups will be invited to exchange with the challenge owners during a 30 minutes teleconference. Then, the challenge owners will select 3 startups which will be invited to the next phase.
  • Nov. 20 - 23rd: startups will meet the challenge owners in Paris or in Israel (for Eilat challenges) to have an advanced meeting of 1h30 to define the scope of the collaboration. Then, the challenge owners will select 2 startups which will be invited to the Jury.
  • Dec. 11: The 2 best startups will be invited to pitch at NUMA in front of a jury panel. One Start Up per challenge will be selected for the Acceleration.



Dec. 11 - Mar. 30, 2018

In this phase, startups will be GE Partners, and will move from an ideation to a pilot solution, developed as an app on PREDIX, running by April 2018. This implementation phase will be supported by GE Business, Challenge Owners, Predix Experts and UX designers.

  • Step 1: Enter the Alliance Program
  • Step 2: Validate the Use Case with the Challenge Owner
  • Step 3: Run the Predix Training
  • Step 4: Have a UX Design session to define user stories
  • Step 5: Refine the product design
  • Step 6: Deploy the solution/Prototype
  • Step 7: Test and validate
  • Step 8: Demo-Day


Winners of 2016-2017 season


"What I really appreciated in Digital Industry was the clarity of the program: everything was well defined from the objectives of the program, to the time frame and the budgets allocated to the experimentation phase. GE also did a great job at communicating on the program (press, social networks etc.) bringing high visibility and credibility to Cosling."

Jean-Guillaume Fages, CEO of Cosling


"On the business side, GE has major cooperation with leading utilities worldwide. With this program, we are jointly showing the value of GE/Predictive Layer Solution to these customers. On the technical side, Predix offers an industrial grade, scalable & reliable  infrastructure. We can use it for all our projects worldwide, rather than deploying our own datacenters. With Predix, we can also connect and offer our Predictive Layer services to a full ecosystem of apps..."

Olivier Cognet, CEO of Predictive Layer



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