Here are the Program's five winning startups!

The final selection jury convened last week. Twelve startups pitched their projects, which were assessed along three criteria:

  1. technology — the solution is innovative and the key aspects of the value proposition have been validated;

  2. Predix — the solution is compatible with Predix and leverages the platform’s architecture;

  3. business — the solution’s attractivity to GE’s clients has been confirmed.

The jury was comprised of six members, four from GE’s business units who sponsor the program’s challenges, and two from GE Digital, with Predix and startup acceleration expertise.

The five winners get a €20,000 prize and develop their solution with the support of GE Digital and NUMA, to address GE's markets together with the business units who sponsor the challenges.

We are pleased to announce the outcome of this selection!

Local Energy Forecast


Predictive Layer is proposing an automated load-prediction service platform based on Machine Learning and leveraging Open Data. It complements and improves the existing utility specialist forecasting systems by more than 30% in precision and resilience.

By cooperating with GE Grid Solutions, the Predictive Layer solution is embedded in and leverages the Predix platform, Predix ecosystem applications and GE Grid Solutions smart-grid management systems (EMS/Scada).

See the Energy Forecast challenge description.

Blockchain for Energy Transactions


Evolution Energie, a leading energy and environment software platform, will offer a blockchain-based innovative solution based on the Predix infrastructure, enabling reliable and traceable green-certificate management. This solution will be demonstrated in a major smart city and presented at a global conference mid-2017.

See the Blockchain challenge description.

Indoor Location Analytics


Irlynx proposes to integrate its advanced human activity sensors in GE Current’s lighting fixtures, and to develop on Predix the location analytics micro-services that will produce real-time people counting and trajectory tracking data. This solution will be able to cover a full building’s surface, and will be suitable for new buildings as well as renovation projects.

See the Indoor Location Analytics challenge description.

Hydropower Production Optimization


Cosling will develop on Predix a production planning service enabling to optimize the power production of a hydraulic power plant. It maximizes the long-term revenue of the produced electricity, within the boundaries of operational and technical constraints. Production planners can use this tool on a daily basis to update the yearly production plan, in just a few seconds.

See the Hydro challenge description.

Massive Time-series Management


Cityzen Data has addressed the management of massive time series from the new generation of ultra-high resolution power grid monitoring devices. It has combined the power of its Warp 10 suite of tools with the scalability of Predix to build a solution with unmatched efficiency in power grid data storage and flexible analysis capabilities in ad-hoc, batch and streaming modes to detect anomalies and provide KPIs which will pave the way to true power grid operational technology excellence.

See the Massive Time-Series challenge description.