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Winners of 2016-2017 season


What I really appreciated in Digital Industry was the clarity of the program: everything was well defined from the objectives of the program, to the time frame and the budgets allocated to the experimentation phase. GE also did a great job at communicating on the program (press, social networks etc.) bringing high visibility and credibility to Cosling.

Jean-Guillaume Fages, CEO of Cosling


"On the business side, GE has major cooperation with leading utilities worldwide. with this program, we are jointly showing the value of GE/Predictive Layer Solution to these customers. On the technical side, Predix offers an industrial grade, scalable & reliable  infrastructure. We can use it for all our projects wordwide, rather than deploying our own datacenters. With Predix, we can also connect and offer our Predictive Layer services to a full ecosystem of apps.."

Olivier Cognet, CEO of Predictive Layer