Who can apply?

If you are an independent entrepreneur or a startup team based in Europe or Israel, with a proven track record in the data science fields covered by the program's challenges, you are welcome to apply.

how are you selected?

In the first phase, NUMA accompanies candidate teams in refining their application, and pre-selects a number of them to be presented to GE in the first phase. Pre-selection is done ongoingly; teams are therefore invited to apply early.

Each challenge is supported by one GE business unit (GE Grid Solutions, Current by GE, GE Digital), with technical and business expertise. At each step of the program, they select the candidate teams with whom they will work further. NUMA's role here is to facilitate this decision process.



Sept 23 — Oct 31

Teams apply to one or two of the program's challenges.

NUMA team reviews applications, answers questions and provides feedback to help candidates draft the best proposals.

Selection: GE selects up to 8 teams per challenge based on their applications.
Criteria: team's quality, skillset and track record.


NOV 7 — Nov 15: Working Sessions with GE Business Units

Challenge partners from GE business units hold office hours to meet with candidates teams and outline their scope of collaboration. NUMA mentors facilitate the conversations. 

Selected candidates will be invited to discussions on:

Nov 7: Local Grid Energy Forecast
Nov 8: Hydropower Production Optimization
Nov 10: Indoor Location Analytics
Nov 14: Blockchain Energy Transactions + Massive Time Series

For candidates based in Paris, meetings will take place at NUMA (39, rue du Caire, 75002). For others, these discussions can be facilitated remotely.

During these office hours, candidate teams and GE will:

  • design a lightweight experiment to validate the potential of the proposed solution
  • define the resources required in the process
  • outline a common go-to-market strategy.

Selection: GE selects up to 3 teams per challenge to continue the collaboration and enter the prototyping phase.
Criteria: relevance of proposal and experimentation mindset


NOV 16 — MID-DECember

Candidate teams refine their proposition with the support of GE's challenge partners and NUMA mentors. Teams build a lightweight concept demo of the app that can further be implemented on the Predix platform, and detail their work plan for the 4-month acceleration.


MID-december: two-day BOOTCAMP

In advanced discussions with GE sponsor teams, teams finalize their proposition, consolidate a go-to-market plan and outline a business model to last beyond the program.

Selection: A jury closes the two-day bootcamp and selects up to 2 winning teams per challenge, moving on to the implementation phase.
Criteria: robustness of project, business perspective


Jan — Apr 2017

Winning teams move from the prototype/demo stage to a pilot solution, developed as an app on Predix, by April 2017.

To achieve this, they each receive €20,000 in funding, the continued mentorship by NUMA and GE business units, as well as Software Developers, Data Scientists and UX Designers support by GE Digital Foundry Europe to implement their solutions.

More questions? Visit our FAQ or contact us: digitalindustry@numa.co